Christos Tsigaras

    Christos TsigarasArchitectural

    Tsigaras Design designer and architects are experts in creating stylish and functional commercial and residential interiors. Regardless of the project purpose, we strive to create a well-rounded product: each design element has a specific purpose, there is nothing superfluous. We blend a minimalism approach with modern developments and innovations in order to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and aesthetics.

    • 2 Level Minimal Apartment
    • Minimal Surfaces Apartments
      IDA Design Award
    • Base Mirroring Apartments & Luminous Slit Apartments
    • Private Club In Athens
      IDA Design Award
    • Private Offices In Athens
    • Store in Neo Psixiko
    • Kolonaki Studio Apartment
    • Lykeiou Apartment
    • Athens Riviera Apartments
    • Athens Riviera Houses
    • Athens Riviera Houses
    • Filothei Apartment
    • Serkos Jewerly Store, Paros
    • Ensayar Store
    • Troy Court Apartment
    • Apartment in Kolonaki
    • Mount Str. Apartment
    • Offices in Chalandri
    • Odyssey Ten Swimwear Offices
    • Villa in Mykonos
    • My New Office
    • Serafeim Jewelry
    • Law Office
    • Voula Apartment
    • Aspes Villas
    • Papagou Apartment
    • Patrikios Lighting
    • My Old Office
    • Curzon Apartment
    • Irene Pastry Shop
    • Kryoneri Apartment
    • by Tsigaras Design